Another extension for masters' assignment ! Mental health issues

08-Feb-15, 17:18
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posted about 4 years ago
I suffer from mental health issues, and my university is aware of this and they have been extremely helpful with giving me extensions on assignments etc.,
However, I've just received extensions on two essays that were due in earlier this month becsue of it - I have submitted one, but I have not submitted the other one which had been due in last week. I have emailed my tutor seeking for another extension but I'm still waiting answers! Can I apply for mitigating circumstances even though I've received a three week extension already?
I'm worried now that the university will cap my mark, and as a result will fail my masters degree....on top of that Ive secured s phd studentship for next year! It scares me how my mental health illness will affect both my current studies and my phd....and as a result its adding to the weight of me feeling anxious and depressed,'
24-Feb-15, 13:18
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posted about 4 years ago
I can't speak for the university processes as I'm not sure if it depends on the university but is there no-one in student support and wellbeing you could contact? They should be able to give you advice on the process and, I'm sure you're aware, universities generally have a lot of support available for students with mental health issues.

My understanding is that you can apply for a further extension and I'm sure a friend of mine at undergraduate did that more than once but you would need to check the processes at your particular university. I think mitigating circumstances are done on a very individual basis.

I do know how you feel as I've suffered with anxiety and depression for the last year and a half. The course I did was complicated which means I'm topping up a postgraduate diploma to a masters by writing a dissertation and my mental health has really got in the way as I'm also working full time. I'm about to apply for my phd and have had the same thoughts as you about how my mental health could affect it but I feel like I'm learning how to cope and manage it all after having one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy.

I hope you get sorted and feel like you can manage. Also hope the university have sorted this by now!


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