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21-Aug-15, 00:48
by nadbio
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi I'm an Italian Graduate student in Economics and Business Administration.
I'm considering whether starting master degree in September in Marketing and then obviously pursuing a career in the same sector.
I know that marketing is a wide concept and that within this sector there are a lot of different career profiles. But looking at the vacancies I always read that companies asks for outstanding oral and written communication skills.
My concerns are due to the fact that I am not a native English speaker and therefore my communications skill are not perfect.

I have always thought that marketing was mainly about strategy,advertising campaigns or product launches, and therefore based on technical and analytical skills, while in most of the vacancies I read that among the main responsibility there are things like, customer relationship, writing emails and also writing post on social networks and posts, that neither I am able to do ( due to my language skills), nor I want to do since I want to apply business theories that I have studied for and not spend my time on FB.

Is there anybody that works in marketing and that can explain me what they exactly do, what are their daily duties (especially if they work in big companies)? Is it all about writing and dealing with customers or there are also more analytical and technical tasks ? Is there a lot of foreign people working in marketing? Do they succeed even without excellent communication skills? Please help me!
21-Aug-15, 09:21
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by Mark_B
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi nadbio

I work in Marketing, broadly speaking, as a copywriter and web content editor (with an academic background in Humanities). By the sounds of it, the kind of work I do isn't what you're looking for, but you're right: Marketing is a broad profession.

I have colleagues who focus on customer engagement and relationship building (including social media) but there's a strategic element to this too: planning campaigns and reviewing analytics.

I also have colleagues who work in very technical areas, such as search engine optimisation, web analytics and digital marketing.

My advice would be to take a look at a lot of different Marketing Masters and see what's out there. You can, of course, do that via FindAMasters:

Hope that helps a bit!

21-Aug-15, 09:47
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posted about 5 years ago
And in reading your post (quickly) I didn't spot a single error so I wouldn't worry about the fact you are not a native English speaker! Your writing is practically perfect. I wouldn't have known you weren't British.

Reading it again I can see a few grammatical errors, but you would quickly learn to fix these; they are very minor.


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