Viva Report/Thesis Corrections

21-Aug-15, 11:46
by faded07
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posted about 5 years ago
I'm hoping for some advice regarding my viva report. I've recently finished my corrections (was given major corrections/R&R - officially I was told major corrections in my viva but the school has treated it as an R&R since then). I have added in everything my examiners have asked of me and followed my viva report very carefully. I'm now in editing mode and my supervisor has made a lot of changes to my introduction. Although I've had to make minor changes to this (by including an overview of the 2 new chapters I was asked to write), my viva report did not say to change anything about my introduction. My supervisor is almost suggesting to re-write it but I'm dubious about doing this as this is not something my examiners asked of me? It has already changed quite a lot through both my own additions and my supervisors recommendations - would rewriting it be risky at this stage?

I want to make sure my thesis is written for my examiners and not for my supervisor as this (I think) has contributed in part to my result of major corrections. Any advice?!
22-Aug-15, 02:30
edited about 3 minutes later
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posted about 5 years ago
Just follow his suggestions. But you should keep the email which your supervisor recommended the additional corrections.

On the contrary, my supervisor advised me NOT to include additional changes even it can improve the thesis significantly. However, my introduction went through many revisions before the submission...


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