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05-Oct-15, 06:26
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by Jmistry
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posted about 5 years ago
Hello everyone

Just a quick question on the above. I was really interested in it when it was announced. I've been accepted onto a master's course at the University of Westminster for Sept 2016.

In terms of eligibility for the loan I'm under 30 (27) so I'm all good there. But do you also have to be a continuing student to be eligible? I graduated in 2012 and I've worked a few years. Am I a returning mature student?

I know nothing has been set in stone with exactly how it will work but it'd be grateful if anyone has any info.
05-Oct-15, 10:31
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by Mark_B
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi Jmistry

If you're under 30 when you apply and have graduated since 2012, you should be eligible. There's no requirement that students go straight from UG to PG study (in fact, I suspect quite a few people will have been motivated to wait a year).

As you say though, we're all still awaiting confirmation of the details - possible that something could come out of the Conservative conference, but I'm not sure anything is billed.
05-Oct-15, 10:53
by Eds
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posted about 5 years ago
Quote From Mark_B:
possible that something could come out of the Conservative conference

Delegates looking like scrambled eggs for a start!


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