The Postgraduate Moans Thread

01-Mar-18, 12:33
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posted about 10 months ago
I edited it out, because it could be identified.
05-Sep-18, 05:11
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posted about 4 months ago
Quote From skyisnotthelimit:
Quote From Hugh:
Does anyone feel like their supervisions make them feel really stupid?

I'm 3rd year and every supervision I come out, I just feel really stupid. My academic credentials would suggest otherwise, and I know I can be brilliant. But gosh, my academic confidence is at rock bottom. Is it just me?

Ehmmm NO IT'S NOT. It's all of us. Two words: impostor syndrome. Learn to live with it.

That is a beautiful subject for a paper but yes (just heard the recording of my proposal defense for the first time) I should've failed. A mystery how I passed when everything was said to be "predictable"
05-Sep-18, 08:31
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by loracb
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posted about 4 months ago
I can relate to what many people have said here. After I finished my PhD I became a PhD Thesis Coach as I realised that in the main most postgraduates feel undermined and not-good-enough - this is not true! I had three different supervisors who all in their own way decided to make themselves feel better by putting me down. One even used to suggest why could I not be more like another postgraduate who later I met and the reverse had been said to her! So, in short if you are lacking motivation and drive, feeling uncomfortable where you are at, or that the PhD idea was a wrong one - don't! Connect with someone who will give you a sense of motivation and belief in yourself with a structured approach on how to complete your thesis and get onto the next stage in your life! I got there and you can too :) If anyone wants to private message me please do.
08-Sep-18, 17:12
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posted about 4 months ago
Impostor Syndrome. I completely sympathise with that and frequently dip in and out of it. I am currently going through a pre-new academic year lack of motivation and am trying to pull myself out of its claws. I've spent most of the day trying to write interesting seminar questions for one of the modules I will be teaching. This depleted into writing good seminar questions, and now I will settle for just writing seminar questions at all. Who would think that a person in possession of a Masters degree could lose the ability to produce simple instructions for undergraduates? :(


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