No response to request for article feedback - what next?

21-Oct-15, 09:15
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi all,

A minor but annoying problem. I've written an article (6000w) which I need some feedback on...on the off-chance I'm talking complete and utter rubbish!

I've emailed a respected guy in my department who is not my supervisor but is very well-placed to comment since the subject is from work I did a while ago, and more up his alley. We haven't worked together loads but my department is small and relatively friendly.

I completely understand how busy academics are but I made it very clear that if he didn't have time to read it, I'd like him to say so. I sent the email three weeks ago and he hasn't responded. I don't know anyone else that I can comfortably email with an article draft.

Should I assume he's not gonna respond, or keep waiting? Or should I send him another email? I'm hesitant to bother him because he's not my supervisor and he has no obligation to me...but at the same time, I'm a student and I need help! I could just submit the article for peer review but I've already had a couple of rejections and a little bit of my soul dies each time...Any suggestions on what to say/do would be very much appreciated.
21-Oct-15, 09:18
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posted about 5 years ago
I would personally assume that an email had fallen off someone's radar after three weeks. Maybe a personal approach would be more effective than another email?
21-Oct-15, 09:37
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posted about 5 years ago
That makes complete sense, except it's pretty difficult to orchestrate a face to face meeting as his office is in its own separate building which students don't have access to. And he's hardly ever in anyway. Maybe I should just hope I bump into him soon?
21-Oct-15, 09:45
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posted about 5 years ago
I would email him again, or try calling?
21-Oct-15, 10:09
by Hugh
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posted about 5 years ago
I would just casually pop into his office and say I wonder if you received my email?
21-Oct-15, 17:14
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posted about 5 years ago
Stalk him to find out where he lives, then break into his house and hide under the couch. Wait until Sunday morning when he reads his newspaper with a warm cup of coffee, and then subtly slip the printed version of the paper inside the newspaper.
21-Oct-15, 21:05
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posted about 5 years ago
Did you ask him whether he'd be willing to do it before sending it and agree a timescale?
22-Oct-15, 09:11
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi everyone, thanks a lot for your messages.

Dr Jeckyll - Hahaha, that is a fab suggestion. Thanks for making me laugh even before breakfast!

Bewildered - No I didn't, for a few reasons. I asked his student whether I could send it along and she said it would be fine (he's not super sensitive, just very busy and maybe a bit of an ego). It seems from past experience some academics prefer you to send stuff along without the faff of an initial inquiry email but others maybe want the courtesy first. Since I know him a little and our department is small, I didn't think an initial email was necessary...but maybe I should apologise for not asking first? I also thought he might not even respond to that first email thereby prolonging the process even more!

Chococake - I would see him in person like any other faculty member but his office is in a separate building that only he has access to. He's also not in much anyway.

Tree of Life - it's looking like another email is the only solution...I'll wait a bit longer since I don't have time over the next couple of weeks to prepare it for submission anyway. I spoke to my husband about it and he said I should just submit it and hopefully the peer reviewer can give feedback if it's not rejected outright.

Thanks again for all your messages and taking the time to respond.


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