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27-Oct-15, 16:40
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posted about 5 years ago
Hi all,

Anyone here living in the north of England? I have a few questions regarding a potential 1-year research job offer at one of lesser known universities in that region and am wondering if this is a good opportunity or not and if it worth the effort moving there from another country with my family for one year? I appreciate if anyone from that region can answer few of my questions, please send me a private message and I will send more details.


28-Oct-15, 09:34
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posted about 5 years ago
Can't help you on that, but am also probably moving from another country to a lesser known northern English university - for more postgrad studies in my case. I can't answer academic questions for you, but am originally from the area and can chat about anything else - towns, etc.
28-Oct-15, 09:55
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by Hugh
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posted about 5 years ago
The good thing about the north is that it is much more affordable that the south. The rent and living costs are alot cheaper.
28-Oct-15, 11:04
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posted about 5 years ago
And we're ever so friendly.
29-Oct-15, 14:03
by Eds
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posted about 5 years ago
Except when West Ham are playing away :)


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