where does an overseas student stand

30-Nov-03, 23:40
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posted about 17 years ago
I am currently in UK but finding it extremely hard to secure funding. I currently have a 1st class from physics and electronics and a distinction in Information & communication technology engineering from coventry university.Well, since i am not qualified for EPSRC and other UK awarding bodies, which other source can one turn to? I am really confused because i seriously what to give this research a shot having the Overall best project prize in the MSc dissertation with a project record of 91%. purely programming!!!
03-Dec-03, 20:48
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posted about 17 years ago
It can be difficult to secure funding - particularly for living expences. You need to start by contacting the department of education in your home country. You can also contact The British Council in your home country, they should also be able to give you advice. Some universities offer bursaries to overseas students, but these usually only cover course fees and not living expences.


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