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09-Dec-03, 12:24
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posted about 17 years ago
I’m 31 and graduated with an MSci 1st Class honours degree in Environmental Geoscience in 2001. At the time I was disillusioned with the low wages in the industry so decided to join the Police. Two years later, I’m fed up with being the publics whipping post and want to get back into my science. Are there many people out there from unconventional backgrounds currently engaged in a PhD?
10-Dec-03, 17:29
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posted about 17 years ago
It is far from being unheard of that people start PhDs 10 or more years after the majority. However, in fast changing subject areas time away can effect your chances. Applying for a PhD is like applying for a job. The supervisor does not just want somebody who they think can pass a PhD, they want somebody who'll churn out some valuable research on their behalf. Don't make excuses for why you went for a career in the police, instead focus on the continuing interest which you have for your subject. If you show suffiecient interest, drive and ability then you shouldn't have a problem.


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