what needed for ors application?

11-Dec-03, 10:08
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posted about 17 years ago
Can anyone tell me what I need to apply for ORS scholarship? e.g. references, proposals, etc. If proposals are need, what shall I write in it? thanks
15-Dec-03, 15:01
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posted about 17 years ago
ORS or Overseas Research Students Awards in most cases cover the difference between the tuition fee for a home (ie UK) postgraduate student and the rate charged by the institution to an international postgraduate student for the particular full-time research course being taken by the awardholder. Around 800 awards are made each year and between 60% and 70% of applicants are succesfull. You can get further details from the Universities UK web site. You need to be accepted by a university before applying. Your university will then provide you with help and advice on your application.


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