another thing I need to get off my chest - needy friends

29-Apr-16, 11:37
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Quote From satchi:
hi richland101
I like your username! I would like to be rich, own a lot of land - and 101 is a great number.

thanks for your advice.I have toned down my hyperkindness.

Those days, I was happy when I signed "love satchi" and none of my friends were needy then.

Now I am still happy but have stopped signing off love satchi.

I don't really know how much being an escapist applies to me, yes? no? I haven't blocked Friend A. In fact, I did send one email to Friend A, I kept it short, and now things are better, he is not sending me sentences like "I miss you" "I like the idea of you beside me". I also told him not to call my phone. That seems to have worked because when I don't see his name on my mobile (when he's ringing) I feel so much better. I just hate speaking on the phone. I also hate skyping. I only use Skype for work.

I haven't deleted him from my list of friends, I am just happier with lesser communication, one email once in a while from me is enough for me. Now his emails go into another folder which I managed to set up properly (the 2nd time!) so I feel better too, I don't see his name right away.

thanks again

Haha! Love your sense of humor :D

So long as you're not entertaining creeps, you'll be fine :) Good to know things are better. Cheers!


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