funding covers only tuition and some living expense.should I opt for it?

10-Jun-16, 10:59
Avatar for mannuela28
posted about 4 years ago
I applied to Canadian university for PhD. I have received acceptance with a scholarship (TA+Tuition award) that covers just the tuition and 90% of my rental. Apart from the tuition and living expense, I would need to put my own money to support my food etc requirements.
Its only enough to pay my rental and tuition. I wont have money to buy anything else with the available scholarship!
what could be the way out?
10-Jun-16, 12:01
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 4 years ago
I think this is fairly normal in US institutions, I'm not sure about Canada though.

I think they got around it by applying for other scholarships and working extra classes as a TA.

You could enquire at the university what other options may be available, or find current students online and contact them and ask?

Or could you find cheaper accommodation, sharing for example, if you're not already?


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