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13-Jun-16, 12:20
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by Soniak
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi Everyone :)

My name is Sonia and I would appreciate some help with a topic.
I just enrolled myself for a Masters of Science in Professional Accountancy- Online Course from University of London – Each course is 30 credit hours.
Since I work full time – which is about 50 hours a week, how practical would it be to take two courses worth 30 credit hours each for a session which lasts from July 2016 until Dec 2016? I am okay with long study hours and I have a two day weekend but just not sure how heavy a 30 credit hour program would be. It shall consist of 25% coursework and 75% thesis.

Any input would be appreciated!
Thank you in advance!
13-Jun-16, 13:00
by AOE26
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posted about 4 years ago
As a rule of thumb a credit is about 10 hours work, so each course is 300 hours. You'll be doing 600 hours in 6 months - can you find 100 hours per month?

I went over 10 hours per credit for my MSc - think my 60 credits came in at about 700-750 hours... but maybe I am just slow.
13-Jun-16, 16:20
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posted about 4 years ago
In my MRes I had ideally wanted to dedicate about 10h per credit as AOE26 has said. But when it came to it, it was so full on that that was impossible. I ended up dedicating about 4h per credit I'd say, and less than that for the larger modules (e.g., >20 credits).


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