Need support in picking a PhD title/area

14-Jun-16, 13:51
by Friz
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi everyone, I just finished my masters degree in uk some few months ago and I really had a splendid time in the uk. Problem now is my country is not so convenient at the moment due to insecurities and unemployment so I'm considering doing a PhD just so I can have some more time in the uk and probably get a job. I don't know if it the best idea but this is it, so need a bit of advice picking a college or university in London as I love London (still open to other places though) and also the topic to work on. So far I'm thinking of applying my background in evironmental engineering(BSc) & water&environmental management (Msc) to farming/agriculture (as my latest idea is to start a farm in Nigeria). So any opinion is appreciated. Also if u think Uk isn't the best to go to, maybe like Canada also pls specify. Thanks.
14-Jun-16, 16:33
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posted about 4 years ago
Can you self fund? Bear in mind international fees are over £15k per year and then you need living expenses. If not, how will you get funding? Living in London is also pretty expensive and you will likely be on a tight budget. Elsewhere in the UK is cheaper.

Regarding topic, you need to have a look at potential universities and see which people are doing research you are interested in and then think of a topic from there. Or you can check and and see what PhD topics are available at which places.

Find a job after your PhD is also going to be difficult - there are many qualified and experienced people and few job opportunities, but if you are looking in London this might make it easier.
14-Jun-16, 18:21
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posted about 4 years ago
Hi Friz

I agree that the above are very important considerations.

Regarding the topic. Did the Masters go well? If so, are there any academics you worked with/were taught by who you could talk to about potential topics or more general advice? That is what I found most helpful, as once you have someone who is willing to support you, they can give you guidance and help you secure a place or funding, as well as giving feedback on your proposal/development of ideas.



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