20-Jul-16, 15:37
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posted about 4 years ago
My goal in life is to be a psychology lecturer at a university. I wanted some advice of the route into it if anyone can help me?

I am going to do a MSc in Psychological Research Methods and then am thinkning of doing a PhD (unsure what in yet). Is this the correct path in order to be a uni lecturer?

Hope you can help,

20-Jul-16, 17:34
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posted about 4 years ago
Yes. :) I think a PhD is most people's way to becoming a uni lecturer these days. I know one or two lecturers though who do not hold PhDs but have clinical expertise instead.

Are you in the middle of your MSc now? I think it is a good time to get to know what kinds of funding are available (if that is what you'd be going for), what kinds of projects are available/being funded/you find interesting, and importantly who you might do the PhD with. For me, having an academic who I wanted to work with and who was happy to support my application really helped.
23-Jul-16, 06:43
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posted about 4 years ago
It is very useful
27-Jul-16, 14:49
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posted about 4 years ago
During my exposure to the academia, I have found out a bitter truth about becoming a professor. I may sound frustrated here but it is my opinion about your question. You need to have one of the following: a lot of grant money OR a lot of hands-on experience. If you are planning on going down the PhD path, you need to make sure that you land up in a good school and a great advisor who can help you publish a lot or give you exposure to funding resources and grant writing. Schools only invite the candidate who can bring money with them. If you have grant money any school will pick you up. Certainly this option has 1000% uncertainty rates.
The other way, and I agree with Tudor_Queen, if you have a lot of hands-on experience people do not care about what degree you hold. I know two cases where people with Masters degree were chosen over the PhDs, just because they had more work experience.


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