Equestrian survey – both riders and non-riders from the UK please help me with my research! :)

20-Jul-16, 21:28
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posted about 4 years ago
Please read this, I know nobody likes surveys but I really need Your help. These are short questions about equestrian in the UK that will take You only 2 minutes and for me – every answer is like gold dust.
So if You are into this topic, please click here:
And if You are not exactly a horseman, go here:
If You could do extra – copy this post and share it on Your wall or to Your friends – I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance! :)
28-Jul-16, 00:17
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posted about 4 years ago

That was short and sweet :)

If you're a girl, would appreciate it a lot of you could help fill my dissertation survey which is about fashion bloggers influence on females.

Thanks and all the best for your study.



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