No job after 3 years of PhD. My options are?

16-Aug-19, 08:12
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by eng77
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posted about 8 months ago
Quote From DrDichotomy:
Similar. 9 months since getting the PhD. Living on savings because the DWP would crush my soul. Hundred of job applications, every day is filled with writing more. Seventeen actual interviews. Still no job. The savings will run out by November. If it were not having a wife to hang on for, I'd suicide by Christmas. As it is I just live day to day. I can't even get a job as a waiter.

I am sorry to hear that. You should see a career advisor. What are the reasons for rejections after the interview? technical, personal qualities? 17 interviews and no jobs is really worrying. On average you could get a job in 5 interviews. Your writing applications seems fine but focus to develop your weaknesses in interviews


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