Please guide me what should I do (PhD Supervision problem)!

16-Nov-16, 21:42
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posted about 2 years ago

I am a first-year student (started just a month before) pursuing PhD from one of the universities of Scotland. I have a problem with my supervisor. Let me explain the complete situation: The problem is as I arrived, I was finishing my paper writing and this thing inspired my supervisor therefore, after submitting that research paper to a conference (I wrote his name too though he didn't do a single thing for it) he called me into his office and said that if I want to continue this work, he can put my masters supervisor, whom I was working before, as an external supervisor. So I asked from previous supervisor and he said that his field of expertise are different than of my master's program so he offered that he will be happy if I work in Satellite comm (though my work was related to Free Space Optics). This thing I shared with my supervisor and he denied it.

Now everytime I meet him, he says that go and read the papers but doesn't suggest me a topic. My supervisor has no any expertise for the topic which I have chosen to work on (let's say Visible light Comm) and also since he is not involved currently in his research, therefore, he is not giving me any topic or papers for the reading. He has a kind of no plan for me. For suppose, if I start to work on VLC networks and then how I could come to know that whatever I am doing is right or wrong because my supervisor will surely say that it is right either it is right or wrong.

I am in a serious trouble. I don't know either I am thinking like this or it is really a trouble but when I contacted with my friends, they said that their supervisor had given some papers to read or he has engaged their candidates with post-doctorate researchers. Please please suggest, what should I do now.

PS: My supervisor is professor and aged around 62 years
21-Nov-16, 12:11
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posted about 2 years ago
Ok, the point of the PhD is that you should be developing ideas and projects to work on. It's helpful if your supervisor gives you papers to read but he doesn't have to. I think my supervisor gave me like 2 papers when I started and then I just found everything else myself. It's part of the learning process. Read about your topic and start formulating ideas to work on, then see what your supervisor thinks.


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