Examiner Disagreement

08-Mar-17, 12:55
by Gwen86
Avatar for Gwen86
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations Dr faded!!! I'm so pleased you have your degree and that your new examiners had the grace to note, in your report, that the corrections you were asked to make were ideologically motivated. Have a great celebration and do give yourself credit for everything you have achieved in the last eight years. Well done!!
08-Mar-17, 13:12
Avatar for timefortea
posted about 2 years ago
Yippee!! I am sitting here with a big grin on my face and I don't even "know" you - you must be over the moon! Huge congratulations! I am so glad that you got the right result and that the nightmare is finally OVER!
08-Mar-17, 13:13
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 2 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy to read this post today. Common sense has prevailed at last!
08-Mar-17, 13:46
Avatar for Mackem_Beefy
posted about 2 years ago
Great to hear. Now you have your life back.

All the best for the future!!!

08-Mar-17, 13:53
edited about 1 minute later
Avatar for JStanley
posted about 2 years ago
CONGRATS DR FADED :) I am so happy for you. Put the bubbly on ice ;-) You're gonna have the best celebrations ever. You got tgrough this you know you can get tgrough anything. You're such a strong and admirable person. Enjoy this feeling. Congrats doctor.
08-Mar-17, 16:29
by emmaki
Avatar for emmaki
posted about 2 years ago
Massive congratulations! You desrve it!
Celebrate a lot!!!!! You, also, deserve it!!!!!
08-Mar-17, 18:06
Avatar for chickpea
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations! I'm so pleased to hear this news. I almost feel we need to have a forum party now!
09-Mar-17, 15:26
edited about 6 seconds later
by faded07
Avatar for faded07
posted about 2 years ago
Thank you so much everyone - it all still feels surreal! A forum party is definitely required!! :)
09-Mar-17, 18:01
by Tenzin
Avatar for Tenzin
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations Faded! Your story is an inspiration! Best wishes to you!
10-Mar-17, 13:37
edited about 10 seconds later
by Lydia
Avatar for Lydia
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations Dr Faded!!! So delighted for you - what a journey! Enjoy your much deserved success!
10-Mar-17, 16:12
Avatar for Hanginthere
posted about 2 years ago
Many congratulations Dr Faded. Well deserved victory.
10-Mar-17, 20:19
edited about 13 seconds later
Avatar for muspectrum
posted about 2 years ago
Amazing news Dr Faded! I just resubmitted today, so hoping I'll be in the same position in a couple of months!
11-Mar-17, 03:52
edited about 14 seconds later
by Pjlu
Avatar for Pjlu
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations Dr Faded! A terrific result. I'm really pleased for you-well done to you and best wishes. Many congratulations also to TimeforTea for results and Musicspectrum on submission!
11-Mar-17, 06:40
by tru
Avatar for tru
posted about 2 years ago
A BIG congratulations to Dr faded07. I am extremely happy for you. You have fought until the very end and won. All the best to you in your future career and may things be smooth sailing from now on.
11-Mar-17, 20:01
by pm133
Avatar for pm133
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations. I can't imagine how it must have felt to go through that nightmare.


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