ESRC PhD funding chances

02-Feb-17, 21:08
by sms561
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posted about 3 years ago
Hello! Does anybody know where I can find the stats / success rates for PhD funding applications? Google and the ESRC website aren't being very helpful. I have submitted my application at the one Uni I wish to research at and my MA supervisor (who is also one of my referees) has suggested that she thinks I would be well suited to PhD work. (FYI - I have 2 x UG degrees and am completing my MA - predicted a Distinction). I feel like my chances of success achieving the full funding are somewhere around 10-20%. How does this sound?
03-Feb-17, 09:53
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posted about 3 years ago
These stats are hard to find. I've never seen them. They probably don't exist as there are so many different funding sources. All you can really go on are anecdotal reports e.g. here's my stats: PhD applications 2; PhD interviews 2; PhD success 1. Other people have similar stories, others have applied for 50 or so projects with no success.

Are you applying for funding yourself, or applying for funded projects?
03-Feb-17, 12:58
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posted about 3 years ago
You can ask at the institution you've applied at how many ESRC applications on that pathway they normally get, and how many they normally award.


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