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26-Aug-06, 16:38
by Luigi
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posted about 14 years ago
Hi international guys, I have a question for you!
An UK Univ offered me an unconditional place as Ph.D. student.
In the letter there is written:
This offer is subject to the following:
- confirmation of 3 years funding plus 5000 £ bench fees p.a.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Will they pay me and wow much?
Then there is written that I shoul pay 3170£ tuition fees.

Help me to understand this language!!
26-Aug-06, 19:18
edited about 6 seconds later
by golfpro
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posted about 14 years ago
Not an international student Luigi but 'I' think you've got the wrong end of the stick. I believe they want YOU to pay them [as opposed to them paying you anything] 3 years funding [£3170 tuition fees] plus 5000 £ bench fees p.a. Thats probably it I would suggest.
26-Aug-06, 19:25
edited about 16 seconds later
by 404
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posted about 14 years ago
Luigi, have you applied for a funding separately? Even if the funding comes from the same University, the registry office is only interested in the confirmation of who will be paying the fees. If you have a funding offer from the University (or elsewhere), then this is the confirmation they needed. Just send them the details. If you haven't got funding offered to you, then you are expected to pay your own fees.


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