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17-May-18, 16:06
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posted about 5 days ago
Hi, if you have a dog please could you complete my survey on the effect of neutering on behaviour. Many thanks Kim
18-May-18, 07:56
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by 16p620m
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posted about 4 days ago
Hi Sir/Madam,

I would like to distribute a survey which aimed to have 100 respondents and requires the respondent to see the difference before and after watching a video with subliminal primes.

This is the link to the questionnaire:
There is debriefing section at the end of the questionnaire to explain the rationale behind this survey.

Thank you!!
18-May-18, 17:46
by xusun
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posted about 4 days ago
Hello everyone,

I'm currently collecting data for master thesis. The topic is about instagram marketing and social media.

After clicking the link below, you will have the chance to choose a language (English, Chinese and German).

The questionnaire takes 10 - 15 mins to finish.

Your answer is really important for me, thank you :)

here is the link for the questionniare:
18-May-18, 20:58
edited about 29 seconds later
Avatar for avworthington
posted about 4 days ago
Need adult siblings ages 30-60 with HALF or STEP-siblings to take my thesis survey! Please pass on to anyone who may be eligible to participate! Thank You!!


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