Submitting a Poster at a research conference - advice please.

13-May-17, 16:11
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posted about 9 months ago
Hiya, I am just finishing my BA and will be starting an MA in Cardiff in September. I have just had a poster abstract accepted for a Conference in June, aimed at early career researchers. I have no idea how I go about designing/getting the poster printed. Please, can I have some advice? Excuse my greenness but this is my first conference and I want to make a good impression. Thanks, Niall
15-May-17, 09:45
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 9 months ago
There's loads of advice online about how to design a good academic poster, just google it. Your university will have a web page explaining how to use their print services to print a poster.
15-May-17, 12:36
edited about 9 seconds later
Avatar for timefortea
posted about 9 months ago
My advice would be to make it as big as possible! I looked at the maximum size allowed and decided it was too big and made mine smaller - everyone else used the maximum size so mine looked tiny!
15-May-17, 21:54
Avatar for Tudor_Queen
posted about 9 months ago
Also there should be some guidance on the conference webpage. Normally they want it to meet certain specifications so that it fits nicely in their display area.

Re how to make it look pretty... check out the walls of your University or google and have a look at some academic posters online. See what it is that makes them appealing and use a similar style.


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