Kick start motivation?

18-May-17, 10:23
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posted about 3 years ago
I've no money so I can't go on a holiday... but can anyone suggest any ways to kick start my motivation? I recently posted about a paper draft that was due. That was submitted to the sups. Some of the sections need a bit more work, as I only got myself motivated on the last day or two before it was due, which meant there wasn't time to really do those remaining sections as I would have liked (and my sup's comments concur with that!). I'm happy with it though - it is something I can come back to later (soon) and improve. But now it just feels like the hamster wheel or treadmill goes on turning... I handed that in, got some speedy feedback, and now what... continue? I feel like I need something to kick start my motivation again. Not just short term fixes to get me going for a day, but something longer term. I might be having what they call the 2nd year blues. Unsure. Any suggestions are welcomed!
18-May-17, 13:50
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posted about 3 years ago
Keep going! Don't lose your momentum! I always do this after a supervision, or after I submit some writing, and then it takes ages to get back into it again. But maybe rather than sitting down all day every day (are you full time??) Give yourself intensive 2-3 hour sessions a day then the rest of the day off if you get some good stuff done. Feels a bit less daunting and most of us only have a few hours of really productive work in us a day (until you get close to submission when there is no alternative...)
18-May-17, 14:57
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posted about 3 years ago
I think there are times during the PhD when you just need to do 'a bit', rather than nothing. As EffinIneffable says, when it gets closer to the finish line you will step things up because you need to, but if it's one of those times when you feel you're just plodding, I think that's just the nature of working on one project for so long. Maybe see if there's some interesting training or something else that's kind of related to the PhD but not your everyday stuff?
19-May-17, 09:46
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posted about 3 years ago
How about taking some days to read something for fun? Do you have any fiction books that have been staying on your shelf for a long time now? Pick them up and read them. Do something not related to your PhD for a bit. I think this helps big time.
19-May-17, 10:31
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by Pjlu
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posted about 3 years ago
As well as trying out all of the other responses-great ideas folks-one of the things I love to do is just to organise a catch up with a friend for lunch/dinner/drinks and really good chat (gossip) in a nice place. Cool coffee bar, place with some form of view or nice outlook or great decor. This tends to lift my spirits in the really difficult times, that, Netflix and making sure I do some form of mild to moderate exercise even if I don't feel like it.

PS: if no money for eating out, even coffee/drinks and nibbles at home-with a friend and some conversation can help out in-between the writing times.
19-May-17, 13:26
by satchi
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posted about 3 years ago
I am also struggling to revise a paper. I encourage myself by doing something different, somehow I do feel better after I've done something else, and then the motivation to write does come back. Another thing you can try is eating with friends or family members. When I eat with someone, even if it's just a bag of chips, I always feel better afterwards. Hope this helps.
20-May-17, 17:52
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by helebon
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posted about 3 years ago
I recently contacted my uni's student support and attended a group seminar on procrastination. It was very good and gave me strategies to use when I need to find motivation. I also got to see a coach on a one to one basis, about my aims at the uni and that was helpful. It open to all students at any level.
21-May-17, 20:46
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posted about 3 years ago
I am a full time student and have been experiencing the same motivation issues lately. I always justify my lack of motivation or procrastination with my full time job (I find it's a good excuse), however, I was asked to take a research seminar recently which required a lot of preparation and I had to get it done. I was a nervous wreck doing it but the seminar went really really well and I got a lot of interest and positive feedback from the audience. This has gave me a massive boost of motivation and I have spent the week writing a paper for publication which would usually have taken me months to get round to.

My point is, talking about your research and somebody else showing an interest in what you are doing can be a massive motivator, make use of any friends who are also doing a PhD or if you have any conferences coming up that you are presenting at, make time to speak to people after and get feedback on your research. The more people that you chat to about it, the easier it becomes to talk about it and that helps you be able to write about it too.
22-May-17, 08:25
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by iwan
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posted about 3 years ago
seems like you feel stuck on a never-ending mundane cycle. Well, you dont need to go overseas to enjoy a holiday. Just a cheap trip somewhere near your place might do the trick.

has anyone tried steroids to boost motivation levels?
22-May-17, 11:50
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posted about 3 years ago
Thank you all. Such a variety of strategies - I am going to try a bit of everything (minus the steroids).

I am actually feeling much better today so going to do some small tasks that should be rewarding.
31-May-17, 12:47
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by Sadia
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posted about 3 years ago
Dear scholars;

I would like to know that, at Phd level, can we integrate two different theories by identifying the gap that they mutually exhibit?
I am Phd student in management sciences
your support and help will motivate to do my work


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