Staving off Sickness - the final 80 days

14-Jun-17, 07:52
edited about 23 seconds later
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posted about 3 years ago
Title says it all really, I've 80 days left to finish editing has anyone got any good tips to stave off low level colds etc.? I'm already taking a multivitamin and trying to see the elusive sun every day but has anyone else got any super tips?



P.S. I fully expect to spend September in a state of utter collapse!
14-Jun-17, 09:20
by Pjlu
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posted about 3 years ago
It might be a placebo but I find taking Vitamin C and Echinachia supplements really help as well as making sure you get plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and stay hydrated. (As great as coffee is to drink-it tends to have a dehydrating affect). I'm on my final four weeks and got a horrible bug two weeks ago which laid me low physically and mentally for a full week. Once I could eat, I went onto herbal tea, cut coffee, and took the supplements. Back on track now. Best wishes with it all. Editing can be hell at times. :)


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