Anyone had a successful refund of tuition fees after dropping out?

14-Jul-17, 13:39
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posted about 3 years ago
Long story short... I'm dropping out of my PhD course, partially on the advice of my supervisors who feel that I should do an MA first. I think I should be refunded most (if not all) of my tuition because:

a) the course was not as advertised - they do modules/assignments which is not typical of a PhD but this is not made clear when you sign up.

b) I wasn't told when the modules took place so I ended up missing out on them as by the time I found out, some had passed and others I was at work.

c) It took them a year to tell me that I should do an MA - if I didn't meet the requirements of the course I feel they should have identified this sooner.

However I don't want to burn my bridges in case I want to apply for jobs there in the future or for courses. Even though I have been very unhappy on/with the course I don't want to upset anybody.

What are other people's experiences?
15-Jul-17, 23:02
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posted about 3 years ago
I think it is unlikely you would get your money back. The key thing is, as you say, you are dropping out. That is your choice really when it comes to it. But you could speak to someone at your Students' Union just in case they are able to advise you of any loop holes/ways to claim back money?
16-Jul-17, 00:04
by Pjlu
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posted about 3 years ago
Goldenretrievergirl, firstly with regard to the modules, did you have to officially enrol in each module and were they formally assessed? I'm asking as formal courses (coursework modules) may have a cut off date beyond which you don't get fees back.

If it is difficult to get all or part of your money back, can you perhaps use your work (minus the modules) as credit towards your MA instead?

Tudor's advice about checking with your student union or grad research administration personnel is a really good way to gather more information. Good luck with it all and best wishes for future plans.
17-Jul-17, 14:24
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posted about 3 years ago
thank you so much everyone - I didn't have to formally enrol I don't think - or if I did I wasn't told of it. The MA they have advised, and that I want to do, is not offered at the university that I started the PhD at.

I have an appt with the student union on Thursday. Thanks again as I've had some really horrible responses on another forum.


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