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26-Jul-17, 18:23
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Avatar for timefortea
posted about 2 years ago
I have now finished, graduated and even went to the ceremony (which I can highly recommend!) The next stage is to publish some articles (as I didn't publish anything while studying). There are lots of books about publishing academic articles but I wonder whether anyone has any recommendations?
26-Jul-17, 21:03
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posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations timefortea! And glad you enjoyed your graduation ceremony!

Personally I think the best thing to do is look at articles published in the journals you are considering publishing in, and copy their style.
26-Jul-17, 21:07
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Avatar for bewildered
posted about 2 years ago
No book suggestions but the main disciplinary association in your field might well have links to advice tailored to your subject.
26-Jul-17, 22:39
Avatar for Hanginthere
posted about 2 years ago
Congratulations Dr.

I will re-echo the advice given by Tudor_Queen and bewildered. I will also suggest adding workshops on academic publications if you are able to get access to one.

All the best.
27-Jul-17, 13:17
Avatar for timefortea
posted about 2 years ago


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