Is R&R experience a bomb for potential employer in academia?

27-Jul-17, 12:36
by DocY
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi All,

I spend 6 years to finish my PhD (5 years +1 year Revise & Resubmit). yes I finally get it. But I feel bad about explaining this long journey to my potential employer, especially the year of R&R. I worry they would underestimate me for the job.

My situation:
First submission on Sep 2015, first viva on Jan 2016, R&R outcome. then I passed the second viva on May 2017.
I'm currently doing research based on my thesis with my supervisor and working on a paper for publication. But I was not offered a formal place in the department, not post doc or anything. So I'm literally unemployed.
I am now looking for a teaching fellowship in universities, because I hear that these jobs have lower requirements on publications and do not mind R&R experience. I am applying lectureship as well, but not very optimistic.
I am looking for job in industry as well. Again, because I hear industry people care less about the R&R experience if I'm skilled for the actual job.

My question:
Anybody could give me some advice about the way to present my R&R experience in 2016 on CV properly without lying? (I don't want to lie about my past)

My supervisor said I can always put "research assistant" for the time after first submission. I recently went for some interviews, which remind me a problem. Although being a "research assistant" since 2016, I can't explain my working hours and can not provide P45/P60 form to the potential new employer. Is it bad to say I'm doing volunteering research without getting paid? will this make them consider I am not skilled?

Is R&R the last thing you want to tell the university employer and the industry employer? Am I right to try to cover it? Or I'm over reacted it and need to face it?

Worried DocY
27-Jul-17, 17:39
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posted about 3 years ago
I don't see a) why anyone needs to know or b) why you feel ashamed about it. I've never seen an application form that asks about this, and on your cv you only need to say the date each degree was actually awarded. PhDs from the UK are not graded so unless you tell them, why would anyone know? And there are many reasons why a PhD could take longer, so I doubt anyone would assume anything. And tbh getting 12 or 6 months corrections is far more normal an outcome than the impression you get from this forum. It really isn't the catastrophe scenario you imagine. You have the degree that's what matters. What you will be judged on in the academic job market is primarily your publications honestly.
I also don't think it's the norm to be just given a job in your PhD department as you seem to think it is - people will try to help out new PhDs with part-time / temporary work, if something is available, but often there's nothing to offer. It's not personal. I think you're perhaps reading negative signals into things that aren't really there, which is understandable as being unemployed is not fun, but please don't fret about the R&R. It really won't matter - get that paper out to a journal and start feeling proud of what you've achieved.
27-Jul-17, 19:00
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posted about 3 years ago
I agree with bewildered.
28-Jul-17, 02:04
by tru
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posted about 3 years ago
I agree with bewildered. Your R&R also does not define you, please get over it. Just say your research took longer than expected, which is normal. You have finished your PhD. Be proud & confident of yourself.
28-Jul-17, 02:07
by tru
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posted about 3 years ago
On ur career path, do think carefully about what u want for urself in the long term rather than which jobs have lower requirements or do not mind R&R experience. Again, pls have more self confidence. All the best!


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