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08-Aug-17, 23:46
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posted about 2 months ago
Hello All,

I am an Software Developer working for an Investment Bank. I have 14 years of IT work experience and in that 9 years in an Investment Bank. I have a Bachelor degree in Engineering from India and I am considering to pursue masters degree in Finance in Part time. My reasoning behind this is having a masters degree in Finance will help me make a transition from my current IT role in to more Business focused role in the bank.

I would like to know if there were any who are in similar situation as me or have underwent the same path and indeed made the transition. What are the things to consider? Any suggestions, opinions on this will be much appreciated.

10-Aug-17, 16:40
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posted about 2 months ago
I think it's a bit different in the UK. Here, it would be quite easy to move from IT to business in the same organisation, if you can show that you have the capabilities. Having a MSc or professional qualification like the ones offered by the Chartered Insurance Institute or equivalent would help. As always, a lot will depend on who know and your reputation in the company. I'm speaking from a previous employment background in finance as a line manager.


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