Action research defn.

09-Aug-17, 22:38
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posted about 3 years ago
Is Action Research a style/'way' of carrying out research, rather than a methodology in its own right?
10-Aug-17, 20:06
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posted about 3 years ago
I've no idea what that means. Anyone?
10-Aug-17, 21:28
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by Pjlu
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posted about 3 years ago
It can be both Linzedin.

Action Research refers to a specific type of project based research method, whereby you posit a theory or hypothesis, set up a response that uses this theory or method to inform a specific project in a specific context and you then carry out the project and measure the results. You may use or follow this process more than once while you are using an action research method. (Rather like a practical form of grounded theory in some ways although with grounded theory you are generating theory whereas with action research you begin with a theory or proposition and measure results in a sort of iterative spiral). This is a really simple explanation from the top of my head. You would find a more definitive and accurate definition in Creswell, J. (2005 for second edition but he most likely has some later editions by now). He writes about Educational Research Methods.

In the world of education, where I think action research is often found, sometimes it refers more to a style or way of doing things as well. By this I mean, teachers and schools often carry out action research projects without necessarily reporting formally on these or using them for a formal research degree such as a Masters or doctorate of some kind. So the principal of a school might say 'oh we are carrying out an action research project with the juniors, using this new reading instruction method to see whether it improves our literacy assessment results in Year 9 students with literacy problems'. The school would be measuring the results from using the new method by examining its Year 9 literacy assessment data after a trial period, but no formal reports would be made perhaps beyond the school newsletter or principal's report to the school board and discussion in staff and team meetings.


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