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03-Sep-17, 15:34
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posted about 3 years ago
Um, I just found this website by a research on the internet i did for myself. I wanted to ask people about a psychological problem I have got myself and I don't know if this may be the right forum for me to talk about it. Could someone tell me if the people, who go online here, are also dealing with psychological problems? I just look out for every help I could get, because no therapy has helped me in 4 years... maybe someone has got a idea how i can deal with my problems. I will tell it to you, if someone can tell me if its the right place to write about such topics. Thanks to you all
04-Sep-17, 19:01
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posted about 3 years ago
Hi Carocore, this is a forum for people doing postgraduate degrees, mostly PhDs. I'm not sure we can help you here.
05-Sep-17, 13:05
by Ephiny
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posted about 3 years ago
Some people here will have experience of psychological issues, but it's not really a specialist site for helping with these things. Unless you want to talk about how it's affecting your postgraduate studies?

Otherwise, I can recommend the 'Mind' and 'SANE' websites (UK-based mental health charities), which have forums for support and discussion, and will be able to direct you to real-life help if you need it. I put the links below.


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