Send TOEFL score report directly to university

04-Oct-17, 22:57
by Daminu
Avatar for Daminu
posted about 2 years ago
I have applied to a Phd position , where they require a certificate for my English skills. I did the TOEFL exam and just received my score. I downloaded the report as a PDF and was thinking whether it is permitted to send this PDF file directly to the University or is it just allowed to send it using TOEFL service (-> report will be sent via post to the university by TOEFL )
05-Oct-17, 10:17
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 2 years ago
I don't think it would make much difference? They will either accept it or wait to receive it from TOEFL
01-Mar-19, 11:39
Avatar for Wattero52
posted about 2 months ago
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