importance of topic for future research career

10-Oct-17, 08:03
by kimmy10
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posted about 3 years ago

I am currently looking into PhD positions. I live in Sweden so here it is paid and an actual position. I am interested in education. I now found an interesting one which is about the design of a medical education program. I am just worried if this might be to specific. I am interested in medicine but my main interest is education. Could I still, after the Phd, research education in the broad sense or will i become an expert on medical education? Or will it be an expert on curriculum design? I want to continue in academia so I have the feeling the topic is really important, or is this not the case? I am just doubting if this matters or not. any comments are welcome.

11-Oct-17, 01:00
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posted about 3 years ago
Have you talked to them? Medical Education is extremely vast, you could be concentrating on specific medical data, but the the underlying methodology/technology (software) could be applied to any subject. Ps how hard is to apply to study in Sweden?


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