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12-Oct-17, 14:11
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posted about 1 week ago
I have seen a couple of threads on this topic and so hope it's ok to start a new one. Are there any other new post docs out there? I finished my thesis this year and passed with minor corrections which have been approved. I am hoping to get work in academia (a research post) but need to publish first and am aware of the pressure to do so.

Is anyone else at this stage and if so are you finding things difficult at times?

I've read several blogs where people say how difficult it can be after a PhD, especially when the next step isn't straightforward and/or you don't have a postdoc position. And I just wondered if anyone on here is in the same position, and if so how are you finding it?
12-Oct-17, 14:56
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posted about 1 week ago
I'm not in your position now, but I've been there. I found a postdoc whilst writing up but I didn't like it and it took me about 6 months to find another job. I'm now in a teaching role, rather than research, at a university.

It was difficult looking for the second job, if that's what you mean. I was working full time, writing up my PhD papers and looking for a new job. Luckily I was in a town far from home with few friends so didn't have much else to do anyway. I missed my PhD research and was pretty sick of working all day every day by the end of it. I took a low paid job to get me back home, then I somehow landed on my feet with my current role.
13-Oct-17, 23:17
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posted about 6 days ago
I'm not a post doc but writing thesis and journals at this moment,

Two of the my oriental friends had the next outcome. One is a bbc she finished her post doc in biology and then work in UCL for 3 yrs. Then she married a undergraduate husband in church and then move to the State and have a baby start a family in US.

The other is a mother from china and get her postdoc in linguistic but now end up work in kfc in uk. She can't get a visa after her job interview in university. She's in childcare and work p-time.She waiting for her husband to finish his phd this year. i feel sorry for her. Hope she go back to her country get a good job. No point stuck here work in a fast food shop. That's talent waste.
14-Oct-17, 15:34
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posted about 5 days ago
I posted a reply.. tried to delete a section and ended up deleting whole post...anyway my post was just long rambling rant....I may start another thread soon about my rant.
19-Oct-17, 15:18
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by artemis
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posted about 16 hours ago
Like strawberrygirl, I'm in a similar situation. Was conferred my PhD 4 months ago but have been looking for employment since I submitted a year ago. Would ideally like a postdoc and have applied to several but got rejected, probably because I lack the publications. Haven't had much luck in academia except for the occasional tutoring gig. Using the time on a spouse-sponsored fellowship to publish but with no money coming in and no interviews from both inside and outside academia despite sending off tonnes of applications, I'm losing the motivation to continue. My supervisors have been kind enough to help me with publications but they're both retired and I can't use their connections otherwise.

In short, I'm lost - I don't know what to do next: should I stay in academia, should I give up, how long more I should try? I'm even thinking of moving somewhere like New Zealand or Asia. (I'm in Australia) It's disappointing to put in so many years of blood and sweat into the PhD and end up doing nothing with it. It's also depressing having to fend off well-meaning people who keep asking, "When will you get a real job?" and then proceed to give unsolicited job hunting advice.
19-Oct-17, 17:41
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posted about 14 hours ago
I finished my PhD early this year in the UK. While in the UK, I applied for a number of Postdoc positions as well as jobs in the industry, but it was rejection after another. Luckily, I got a postdoc post in South Africa just before my UK student visa was about to expire. I am enjoying my time here in South Africa. By the way, it's always sunny here, what more could I have asked for. Lol. Good luck


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