Danish MA student here, needs you for 5 min. survey!! PLEASE! :)

31-Oct-17, 15:24
by May1980
Avatar for May1980
posted about 3 years ago
Hi all!! Whats up :)

I'm a female student from Denmark and i'm almost done with my MA degree! I have ONE paper left, a research seminar and therefore i am doing a study which requires participants !

It literally takes MAX 5 minutes to fill out, as such its very short, and there's only 19 questions.

It is about online activity and it is totally anonymous!

I will be super happy if you can take the survey as i'm desperate for participants and i really want to finish on time so i can graduate already! :)

Here is the link!! THanks so much friends!

07-Nov-17, 00:44
Avatar for TheNerdyWorkoholic
posted about 3 years ago
All done, May1980! Good luck :)


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