UK?? or US??

08-Nov-06, 03:33
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posted about 14 years ago
Can anyone comment on UK masters VS US masters degree by research? The good and bad points?

I hope to get some fine contrast of the quality of the degrees from both countries.. in order to make a decision to apply

08-Jan-07, 19:34
edited about 8 seconds later
by cm
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posted about 13 years ago
in my opinion it is best to study in the uk.

study in the US can be much more expensive and is usually 2 years over 1 for the UK.

i have finished my undergrad in the states and though i really benfited from this with the broad programmes, i really believe that the uk provides better, more specific, education... i am applying to do my masters in the uk.

09-Jan-07, 01:29
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posted about 13 years ago

have applied to imperial college Chemical Engineering! Lonon here I come


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