First day of PhD but found out my stipend is 1500 e/month instead of 2800 e/month.

23-Feb-18, 23:31
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posted about 2 years ago
Quote From TreeofLife:
Quote From mop2995:
In all fairness to the poster, I know someone who got the full Marie Curie monthly salary in the UK i.e. around 3k a month. So, the poster has a point. Doing a PhD is hard work. It's rewarding work, but living off 1.5k a month is pretty tight. Most of us have to subsidize with outside work.

If people can't live off £1500 pm they have a problem. I lived off £800 pm during my 4th year and I lived on my own in a 2 bed flat and I had a car.

Surely not in London.
There are places where you can, there are places where you cant.
24-Feb-18, 15:15
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posted about 2 years ago
Not in London, no. But still in an expensive city.


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