Is full time or part-time post graduate is best?

14-Dec-17, 09:06
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posted about 3 years ago
I am interested in some courses and I need to do a job also to back myself economically. And which suits me well with a private job in Prague?
31-Jan-18, 06:27
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posted about 2 years ago
You could opt for part time post graduate diploma courses however if you have more than 2 years of experience working then I would suggest you to enrol for Executive MBA programs from ITM institute. However if you have aspiration to work at Prague only online courses could be your option which would not be as valuable as an executive MBA degree.

Therefore I suggest that you enrol for a program here in India before planning to go abroad. You would be able to gain knowledge and perform very well, you could even opt for international business program for a better understanding about foreign trade business.
27-Feb-18, 11:41
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posted about 2 years ago
You could enrol for part time PGDM program and take classes in the evening. You could enrol for ITM institute and make your career in the field which you want to pursue. For details whether you could opt for private job in Prague while studying at ITM you could speak to the counsellor at the college.
25-Mar-19, 06:30
by manasi
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posted about 1 year ago
Part-time post graduation is always best as, if you are already working in a firm, then you don’t have to leave the job. You can opt for post graduate diploma management courses with specializations of your choice. If searched there are a lot many options for you in post graduate diploma management
14-May-19, 10:51
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posted about 1 year ago
Full Time Post Graduate Program is more benefit as compare to part time doing the post graduation. In full time course you can gain more practical knowledge under the classroom. In private post graduation program you can find only theatrical knowledge.



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