Do examiners read the journals in our reference?

16-Jan-18, 20:30
Avatar for micromatx
posted about 2 years ago
i'm sorry for asking this but i'm so curious about this.. do examiner really read our thesis and all sources inside our references ? thanks
17-Jan-18, 10:39
Avatar for TreeofLife
posted about 2 years ago
They will read your thesis in detail. They are highly unlikely to be looking at your references.

However, if they know your field inside out, they don't need to look at your references - they will likely know the work just as well as you do and so will know whether you've used the "correct" references or not.
17-Jan-18, 11:13
by Nad75
Avatar for Nad75
posted about 2 years ago
In the humanities, some examiners (at least 2 that I know of) do begin by reading abstract, intro, then scanning the bibliography before reading through the entire thesis. They said it gives them an idea of how your orientate your work, and as Tree said, if you've hit all the 'correct' references.


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