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06-Feb-18, 12:59
by aliad83
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posted about 2 years ago
I have submitted my PhD beginning of 2016, and I have to wait 8 months to my VIVA to take a place. The examiners failed me for my writing standards, which was understandable for someone like me (suffering from Dyslexia). I told the university afterward that I am dyslexic, which they appoint a proofreader. I have spent 9 months covering all aspects and comments. It was the worst 9 months in my life.
After resubmission, it took 19 weeks for the examiner to let me know that I have failed. Of course, I contacted the department few times before to ask, when my results will be issued. I have received few replies of which, to be careful, that the examiners could be defensive or they need more time. It was so frustrated and I have suffered from anxiety all that time.

The reason of my failure was comments were not mentioned in the first revision of my thesis were mentioned in the second version of my thesis, despite the text was the same in the first and second version of the thesis.

I appealed the decision. However, they refused my appeal and totally ignored that there was misconduct by the examiners.

Any advice of what shall I do? I need to write a case review and I have only 10 days to re-appeal?
07-Feb-18, 10:47
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posted about 2 years ago
When you say fail, what do you mean? What outcome did you get the first time round, revise and resubmit? Did you make all the corrections they asked for and now they are asking for different ones? Have you published anything from your PhD? How was your performance in your viva? How was the content (not the writing) of your thesis? You need to seek advice from the student union. Read all the HR procedures about appeals etc online to see what else you have to do. Where are your supervisors in all this?
07-Feb-18, 16:48
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by helebon
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posted about 2 years ago
Hi, Do speak to the Student Union as Treeoflife suggests, do this today.

I was lucky to get some legal advice recently as I made an appeal about my course.

The legal representative advised me of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA), for students at universities in England and Wales. It's a bit like an Ombudsman.

The OIA is an independent body set up to review student complaints.
Free to students, the OIA deals with individual complaints against Higher Education Providers in England and Wales.
07-Feb-18, 18:05
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posted about 2 years ago
Check that you're eligible for the OIA though - often an ombudsman is the last report when all steps at resolution have been taken. You may not be at that stage yet.


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