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19-Feb-18, 11:04
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posted about 2 years ago
Hello everyone,
I'm a Masters graduate from India with 3 international publications.
I'm planning to take my PhD in Energy Engineering preferably from US, UK and Germany.

Could anyone of you please clarify on below...
1. Do I need to start with searching energy related PhD openings
2. For each of my applications, do I need to prepare a research proposal
3. Any recommendations on the universities who offer energy PhD
4. My masters was in IC engines including my publications, can I still get my PhD in Energy
5. Or your advice to take PhD in IC engines first and later changeover to energy

I'm desperately needing your support as I have less exposure towards international PhD Programs.
Please guide me.

Thanks in advance!
20-Feb-18, 12:45
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posted about 2 years ago
I will answer for the UK. US and Germany are different.

1. Yes
2. No, normally just a cover letter and CV
3. Most UK ones probably, but you need to research to see which is best and which supervisors
4. I don't know, probably
5. No, find a PhD in the area you want to work in - it's harder to switch later (but not impossible)

PS - you will need a funding source; there will be very few funded PhDs open to you
20-Feb-18, 13:15
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by helebon
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posted about 2 years ago
On FindAPhD, I've done a search with 'non-European student, energy, engineering'. You may have looked already.
There are some funded ones listed, for international students though they might be only fees paid and no stipend (living costs).


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