Presentation skills for seminar

12-Mar-18, 08:20
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posted about 1 week ago
what are some effective presentation skills for seminar
12-Mar-18, 18:31
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posted about 1 week ago
Use punctuation. It's always a good start.
14-Mar-18, 01:11
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by pm133
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posted about 1 week ago
I will help if you put me out of my misery. Did you decide between Psychology, Law, International Fashion and Management in the end as per your previous posts? No wonder you are struggling with creating a presentation. I am on tenterhooks and I literally cannot sleep without knowing what choice you made.
14-Mar-18, 16:58
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posted about 1 week ago
Speaking of presentation skills, we can highlight a lot of skills, which can make your presentation successful and unforgettable. First of all, take care about the content of your presentation: check everything from a format to a data given (statistics, years, names and so on and so forth). Choose the main idea which will prove at the end and which will be analyzed during the presentation. The better will be your preparation - the more confident you will be. Being confident during the seminar is also one of the factors which have a great influence. And also, practise your speech several times.


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