Resources for PhD Students Who Want to Appeal Examiners' Decision

03-Apr-18, 19:28
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Dear PhD students,

I'm a former university lecturer (PhD 2006 Imperial College) and now a barrister who specialises in PhD appeals.

Here are some free resources that might assist in your appeal. Please note, however, that nothing can replace the case-specific advice of a qualified professional.

1. How to appeal if you fail your PhD (the Guardian, 2nd March 2017;[url])
8 steps to improve the chances of a successful PhD appeal

2. How to represent yourself at an academic appeal hearing (Student Wire, 19th March 2015; [url]

3. Tips for student advisers on appeal hearings (6th November 2017)

4. Contract cheating and essay mills: how much proof do you need? (Times Higher, 13th November 2017;
Useful material on standard of proof.

5. 4-minute video giving tips on university appeals (

6. UK Quality Code for Higher Education, chapter B11 (Research Degrees)
This can be a helpful document in some PhD appeals, in particular to stress the importance of following assessment procedures rigorously.

7. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator ( contains summaries of past cases that could be used to persuasive effect in PhD appeals.

Good luck!

Daniel Sokol, Founder, Alpha Academic Appeals
04-Apr-18, 11:16
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