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05-Apr-18, 05:31
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Hi, My name is Ram and I'm from India. I intend to begin my postgraduate studies in the UK this september. I have received offers from 2 universities in the UK, Kent & Essex. The main objective for me is to try and get a job after the education. I have been told by atleast 25 people that getting a job is a no-no because of the situation that the UK is in. I have not 100% come to terms with that. So, I want to know what the ground reality was, whether anyone who is about to graduate or has graduated has to tell about job opportunity for internationals in the UK.

I'd also like if someone could help me in telling me what the better university is. From research, I've found that both the universities are very close to each other in terms of ranking, but in terms of the curriculum and student experience, is there someone who could tell me which one comes out on top?

I'd love to hear back from you guys. Thanks a lot in advance :)

P.S. I am from India, Kent is offering me only 2 months of stayback option while Essex is offering 6 months because of the pilot program.

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