Postdoc - being introduced by PI?

13-Apr-18, 13:05
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by lucedan
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posted about 11 months ago
Hi everyone,

I have searched for this topic on this forum and found nothing, so I wanted to know your opinion on this theme: on many websites that speak about postdoc applications - in particular for US Universities (in my case Stanford, which advises to contact first a mentor and then apply for an internal fellowship) - they suggest it's better to be introduced to your mentor by somebody (like your PI).

Do you think this suggestion is good?
14-Apr-18, 00:38
by tru
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posted about 11 months ago
Hi, lucedan,

In most cases I know, the first postdoc position is obtained through introduction by your supervisor. And in a lot of times, the position is with a research group with strong collaborations with your supervisor.

I would consider that introduction by your PI as more of a strong recommendation of action to get that postdoc rather than a mere suggestion.


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