Downgrading from PhD to masters

29-May-18, 11:23
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by munchen
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posted about 2 years ago
hello people,

hope to get some advise on this matter.

I am well into the 23rd month of my PhD program, and i had recently passed my qualifying examination at the 20th month. However, I have lost interest in my PhD (Depressed) and am intending to tell my prof soon about quitting.

Is there a possibility of getting a masters? Should this be a possible option, am i required to 'extend' my stay in the lab to maybe officially write a master thesis or is the qualifying examination report (mini thesis- with literature works, abstract, results discussion) and oral presentation i gave is sufficient?

If downgrading to a masters degree is possible, what would that depend on?
31-May-18, 11:45
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posted about 2 years ago
If you're depressed, are you able to make the decision about quitting?

I'm assuming you're not in the UK. In the UK you could downgrade to a MSc providing you had enough data and then write up your work in a thesis.

You should check on your department website or handbook.
02-Jun-18, 04:08
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by tru
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posted about 2 years ago
Hi, munchen,

Can you take maybe up to a month off if you are depressed and then make a decision?

If you want to leave with a master, you will have to present a body of work that is suitable for a masters degree. That criteria is based on your university, so you will have to check with your Grad School, post grad coordinator and supervisor for this.

Are you depressed because of lack of support from your supervisor? Is it something that could be sorted out before you decide to quit?


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