Advice for 46 year old CPA

07-Jun-18, 16:46
by Rossall
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posted about 11 months ago
I am new to this forum and need/want advice. I am 46 years old, hold a CPA license and have a Macc from an AACSB accredited university.

My goal is to obtain a doctoral degree and teach at a university...not necessarily a top university, but not a small, liberal arts college either.

It appears that I have almost certainly missed the traditional PhD boat due to my advanced age (though I will still apply to several schools). While no program head would admit it, my understanding is that BUSINESS Phds in the U.S. really don't accept students much older than 30.

I've also researched DBAs/Executive Phds too. And while I don't hate the idea of these, the price tags are usually somewhere around $120,000 before travel expenses (these are hybrid programs).

Further, I have ZERO desire to obtain a Phd from a school like Walden, Capella, Northcentral, etc.

So my question is this: what do you think (you obviously can't know) my prospects would be with an out-of-field Phd? There are a few Phd degrees in the U.S. in fields like Human Resources, etc. that are somewhat related...but are not true business degrees. In other words, they would not be AACSB accredited because that is only available for business schools. There are a handful of these programs throughout the U.S. at reputable schools that are both hybrid and not too expensive.

I would have a Masters in accountancy, a CPA license, and of course the somewhat out-of-field doctorate.

Any advice is appreciated. Just remember...I am 46...not 22 with tons of options.

Thank you
08-Jun-18, 15:29
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by pm133
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posted about 11 months ago
Given that the average human uses less than half their brain capacity at the best of times, it would be a very odd country indeed which considered that 22 year olds were intellectually superior to 46 year olds simply because of age but nothing surprises me anymore :-)
If the US really is that backward thinking, is moving to another country with a more enlightened attitude an option for you?
08-Jun-18, 16:57
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posted about 11 months ago
Rossall -

I would try asking on the discussion board as despite the name you will probably get a more nuanced response as it is aimed at PG BUSINESS students

PS - I'm a UK qualified accountant and part time academic.


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