What if your PhD major corrections are not accepted?

08-Jun-18, 18:35
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posted about 11 months ago
Hello everyone,
I have been reading some of the threads here from people ho have done their PhD Viva and received major corrections. I passed my Viva in January with major corrections. I submitted these corrections last week after checking with my supervisor that I have addressed every single point I was asked to review. However, even though I submitted these over a week ago, I have not had a response. 13 June is the deadline at my University for July graduation and I am in that state of anxiety thinking of all sorts of scenarios where the examiners may say that I have not fulfilled their expectations with the corrections I have made.
I have worked on my PhD part-time for 6 years and have funded it personally. I gave up work to focus on it more in the last few years. The prospect of having 6 years of my work and financial investment judged by two people who are not even subject specialists in my field of expertise is daunting .
I am anxious about two things:
1. I might not meet the 13 June deadline.
2. Worst case scenario, the examiners may find fault with my corrections and we are only allowed one attempt at corrections.

What would be my options if the examiners do not accept my corrections?
Those of you who have been in this state of anxiety after submitting your major corrections, what advise do you have for those of us who are in this limbo state?

Kind regards
13-Jun-18, 01:27
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by Dil4038
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posted about 11 months ago
Hi Charisma,

I am in a very similar situation as you. I submitted my major corrections one and half months back and my internal examiner approved the corrections within a month. However, there is still no update from the external examiner after repeated emails to the external from my supervisor and the internal examiner. Deadline for July graduation at my uni is 25th June and in the PhD guideline of my uni, the maximum time the examiners can take for a major correction is two months (which is 27th of June). This week my internal emailed the graduate school stating the situation (I need my degree certificate to start my postdoc) and asked to contact the external. Graduate school emailed the external but still no response yet. I am thinking of writing to the graduate school about what happens when the two months deadline passes as I am not sure why the external is taking so long! I don't think this comment would help you much but I think only way is to request your supervisor to chase your examiners and explaining the situation. All the best and I will update as soon as I get to know something.
13-Jun-18, 12:03
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posted about 11 months ago
Your corrections will be signed off. It's extremely rare (like >0.001 I bet) for them not to be. Worse case scenario you won't make graduation, so you graduate with the next cohort.


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