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11-Jun-18, 12:23
by phdphd
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posted about 11 months ago
I am thinking this is probably a case of preference, but I wanted to get some advice. I completed my first full draft recently - and I have a lot of helpful feedback. I have a lot to do on it, primarily in terms of structure and writing depth.

Would you advise starting a new document and copying over into a new structure and writing as I go, or editing the existing document?

The concerns I have are:

1. Will my cross references stay valid in a new document (recent word version)
2. Sometimes I find myself editing one section and finding that I have just said something different - or that related to a slightly different section.

Thanks for the help.
11-Jun-18, 17:59
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posted about 11 months ago
I would recommend that you save each version (e.g., draft 1, draft 1 plus comments, draft 2). But work on the latest version (separately saved). It makes it easier to see what you've addressed from the comments etc. Also useful for the supervisors if you are sending it back to them for more feedback afterwards, as they may have forgotten their original comments. I normally put a reply to any comments, e.g., "addressed".
12-Jun-18, 10:02
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posted about 11 months ago
I normally print out a copy of the writing with comments included, then have two word documents open: the one with their comments included and a new blank page. I work in sections, copy and pasting from the old document to the blank page, and I have only had an issue with references once. Mendeley seems to transfer them across :)

I then use the paper copy of the document to follow their comments, working on the blank page document.

Works for me, even if it does sound a bit complicated!


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