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08-Jul-18, 18:40
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posted about 7 months ago
Does anyone know of good places to get specific advice on my personal circumstances? For background;
- I'm in my mid-50's
- I've had a successful career, but I would like to challenge myself with further study expanding my career options
- I don't have a Bachelor's degree, but I do have a professional accounting qualification
- I don't have a fixed idea of what to do, but I have several areas of interest based on my current knowledge and skills.

Any ideas welcome.
09-Jul-18, 12:34
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posted about 7 months ago
Are you considering applying to do a PhD or a Masters? If so then here is a really great place to ask for advice. There are quite a few people who are doing or have done a PhD on this forum.

From what you've said so far (namely the point about challenging yourself with further study and expanding your career options), it might be a good idea to map out what possible careers would be of interest, and see if Masters are available in or relating to those areas. I know that there are Masters for things like Business Management, and sometimes you only need to have a relevant qualification (i.e., not necessarily a degree) plus relevant experience to meet the criteria. My friend and I were looking at some of these just the other day. There seems to be a variety of options - including online and part-time study.

Hope this helps as a start!


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